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  • Happiness. Create your world through appreciation.

    Happiness, sunshine, bees buzzing, birds calling, leaves moving slowly in a light breeze and blue blue skies. ...more

  • The Power of helping another

    Memories are created, emotions go with them. They give them impression, detail and the ability to move us. ...more

  • Gratitude Thankfulness Arigato Mercy Asante

    Gratitude. Make it a daily ritual, place your hands in prayer position at your heart and express gratitude for anything you are grateful for- at least 5 things- this will magnify those things in your life and tells the universe you want more of those things. They can be big or small it doesn't matter.  ...more

  • Let's Make a BIG wave!

    By Guest Blogger Mar Paden ...more

  • Allowing kids to take the...NEXT STEP

    Youth, teenagers, young people of today, tomorrow's leaders.  ...more

  • When someone is doing GOOD jump on their bandwagon!!!

    Because it FEELS GREAT! ...more