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  • Let's Make a BIG wave!

    By Guest Blogger Mar Paden ...more

  • Allowing kids to take the...NEXT STEP

    Youth, teenagers, young people of today, tomorrow's leaders.  ...more

  • When someone is doing GOOD jump on their bandwagon!!!

    Because it FEELS GREAT! ...more

  • Handmaking original gift cards IS IMPROVING disadvantaged Balinese women's lives

    You can help disadvantaged women who have been trapped in a cycle of poverty to financially provide for their families and pave the way to a BRIGHTER future by purchasing these gorgeous handmade gift cards by Bebas cards. ...more

  • WAKE UP Sydney, WAKE UP Hong Kong, WAKE UP festival....just WAKE UP!

    Described as a Kindness Revolution ...more

  • Are you Hungry for Change?

    "The problem is that we are not eating food any more we are eating FOOD 'LIKE" PRODUCTS and they are made to look better and smell better so that people are ATTRACTED to them" ...more